The holiday classic, gently abridged for today's readers



“I love updates to the classics, and this one is an overdue winner. The improved text captures and makes easy the essential Dickensian message, and the illustrations are the ideal accompaniment, with their foreboding, their grayness, their ultimate redemption. This is a welcome addition to our library.”

C. M., Riverdale, NY


“What a wonderful idea and what a superb piece of work. I read it as if for the first time.”

P.T., Melbourne, Australia


“The Divine Dickens does not translate to young American geniuses like your daughter. I tried reading it to a 10-year-old boy – no way would he sit still. Ran off to chase the dogs. So I will be thrilled to try this on my goddaughters.”

E.J.C., Stamford, CT


“Thank you for taking on the task of making Dickens more accessible. The results seem a major improvement. I wish I had a child to read it to.”

E.M., Salem, OR


“With tears streaming down my cheeks, I thank you! I started to read it while having my morning coffee and could not stop until the end.”

D.C., Boulder, CO


“I like your redaction of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and would happily buy a couple of copies for my niece’s kids.”

J.M., Kansas City, MO


“Personally, I prefer the dull, heavy prose of the original, but this is an excellent version that was fun to read and that I believe my young daughter will appreciate. Thanks for the effort. So much better than watching some kiddy cartoon version.”

D.D., Cohasset, MA


“I am expecting a troop of children for Christmas and I want to read your version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ to them because it is beautiful, gripping and life-changing. Thank you for doing this! What a gift to the world!”

R.D., Miami, FL


“This is almost better than Christmas! You just breathed new life into old Holiday Traditions – just what we need, but didn’t know it.  My kids are going to be enchanted.” 

C.B., Santa Monica, CA


“The illustrations – fabulous! Best ever! Plain speak Dickens will capture the imagination of the children who then can go back to the original. This is superb.”

A.A., Dallas, TX